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Are You Projecting in your relationship? 8 questions to ask!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out if You are Projecting.

As wonderful as love is, often love triggers all sorts of unwanted behaviors. Behaviors like projecting.

In fact often it is triggers that destroy a relationship.

When you're projecting, you're 100% convinced you're 100% right about the situation at hand - and you're certain your partner is at fault. You'll feel angry, your brow will furrow, and you might even assume an intimidating posture over your mate.

Lets look at your partners behavior ....

  1. Is your partner withdrawing? Being “too busy.” Being distant and unavailable?

  2. Does your partner feel smothered?

  3. Does the relationship seem like a power struggle?

  4. Is there a lot throwing snippy comments, and criticizing?

Now lets look at how you feel or have felt ...

  1. Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety or panic during an argument with your spouse?

  2. Do you feel the need to resolve everything right here, right now in argument

  3. Have you felt wronged over small issues or negative conversation with your partner and felt more sadness then really fit the situation?

  4. Are you wanting to fix your relationship, but nothing seems to work?

If you answered yes to 3 or more you may be projecting....

That is ok! You are not alone, a lot of couples experience this too!

If you want answers to help turn this relationship around ....


(***Note: Projection is not an excuse for abuse in a relationship. If you find yourself in a situation that compromises your well-being, we urge you to seek appropriate professional help.)

If you are devastated, because love has disappointed you, AGAIN, and you are doubting your judgement, and wondering why it’s so HARD to make it work. Maybe you thought this time would be different. But then it was more of the same?

Maybe it was a parent who let you down, or it could be a situation from your school days when you felt as if another kid got away with something he did to you.

I am proud of you for being willing to ask yourself these hard questions. It is a wonderful place to start! You are brave and courageous and if you want to continue to take positive action to improve your relationship today I encourage you to:

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Cheers to a brighter future for your relationship!

~ Tabatha ~

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